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  • How to choose a teapot?
    Does each tea have its own cup or teapot? yes and no, if your cup or teapot is not "memory" ie in porous terracotta...but earlier in porcelain, the taste of the tea will not be influenced. You can easily use it for several teas and wash it, even in the dishwasher.
  • How much tea should I put
    For a cup of approx. 2.5 dl, a simple half-filled tea ball will suffice. For a 1l teapot. with filter, a good tablespoon. The saying: one spoon per person plus one for the wrong.
  • How long should I steep my tea?
    For a classic flavored black or green tea, the tea infuses on average 3-4 minutes at 90°. For a plain black or green tea from China, it is best to let it steep for 4 minutes in 80°C water. The smaller the leaf is cut, the stronger it will be in taste and caffeine. For all the infusions you can infuse between 5 and 10 minutes at 90°.
  • Can I cold brew my tea?
    Yes, there are two ways to make cold tea. Either you boil the water and infuse your black or green tea for 3-4 minutes. Either you take cold water and infuse your flavored black tea overnight in the fridge, for a flavored green tea half a day in the fridge.
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